Founded in 1937, East Blue Hill Village Improvement Association is a nonprofit organization, incorporated in 1960, that supports our village with charitable, educational, and benevolent activities. We are volunteer led and community driven.

Benefits/responsibilities of becoming a member include attendance and voting rights at periodic VIA meetings, reduced fees for use of the boat ramp and Founders Hall, and the knowledge that you are contributing to the vibrant life of this thriving community.

Our ongoing activities include:

  • Care and maintenance of the Park

  • Planning community events and awarding scholarships

  • Recognizing the outstanding achievements of residents and commemorating those that have left us

  • Installation and maintenance of flower boxes throughout the village

  • Oversight and management of the Boat Ramp

  • Oversight and management of Founders Hall


President: Ginger Peabody
Vice President: Benjamin Fox
Secretary: Stephanie Nevells
Treasurers: Caryl Heaton
Board Member: George Hurvitt
Board Member: Helen Westcott
Board Member: Tammy Vu
Board Member: Lorie DeChar
Board Member: Max Rhine

Founders Hall Committee: Karen Milliken & Lucy Benjamin, Co-Chairs
Park Committee: Helen Westcott, Chair
Ramp Committee: Gabrielle Wellman, Chair
Tree Committee: Phil Norris, Chair
Buildings Committee: Pat Ball, Chair
Bottle Shed: John Burns
Library Liaison: Veronica Young
Website: Ginger Peabody