The East Blue Hill Village Improvement Association

The East Blue Hill Village Improvement Association (Village Association, for short) was started in 1937 and incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation in 1960 with a mission of village beautification, maintenance of the playground, and support of the library. In the years since then our mission has expanded to include the ownership, operation and maintenance of the village post office and Founders Hall (the former East Blue Hill Baptist Church building.) The cost of operating these common resources far exceeds the income from basic membership dues, boat ramp fees and fundraising events. We count on and appreciate your donations, which will be put to good use helping to build a vibrant and sustainable community.

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The East Blue Hill Library Association

Our Library is sustained though membership dues and generous donations by friends and admirers of the library.  Past gifts have helped us repair the foundation and beautiful chimney and hearth of our historic building, as well as provide upkeep to our grounds and keep our visitors warm over the winter.  Donations will help us acquire new books, pay a librarian and increase our hours, as well as upgrade the computer we have for public use. We will be grateful for a gift of any size to help us ensure this Library will remain the welcoming heart of the village for generations to come.

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