The East Blue Hill Village Improvement Association owns and maintains the facilities at the village park and boat launch area. Fees collected are used to maintain and improve the ramp, access road, and the parking area. Users who keep their boats at the ramp or use the ramp during the season must register their watercraft and pay ramp fees.

 General Rules Associated With Use of the Park and Ramp

Please be advised that use of the park and harbor ramp are entirely at YOUR OWN RISK and EBHVIA assumes NO LIABILITY for any property kept, left at or maintained at the town park. You are responsible for making certain that your property is kept in a safe location given that multiple uses of the park occur, ranging from commercial fisherman activities, boat launches, boat haul-outs and other activities that are taking place, sometimes simultaneously.

All dinghies and kayaks kept at the village park must have and exhibit a current sticker. Those boats and watercraft of any kind or nature left at the Park that do not display a current valid EBHVIA sticker will be considered abandoned, unclaimed and/or mislaid property and removed by EBHVIA from the Park for safety reasons and to reduce obstruction/congestion at said facilities. Property removed from the Park for failure to display current use stickers can be retrieved by contacting the EBHVIA and paying storage fees/costs permitted by law. Maine law governing abandoned property shall apply and EBHVIA assumes no liability for such property.   Storage fees for non-complying and/or non-stickered/non-registered watercraft, vessels and/or property (boat trailers, vehicles, equipment, etc.) will be imposed based on a current schedule of $2.00 per each linear foot of boat, trailer and/or property length/ per day or as may otherwise be charged by commercial storage companies. By your signature below agreeing to the Rules imposed by EBHVIA, you hereby authorize EBHVIA to remove any property left at the EBHVIA park and ramp facilities that does not comply with EBHVIA rules as articulated herein and which shall be treated as abandoned property.


  1. Please park only on designated gravel parking area. (Please do not park on the grass or drive upon it especially in wet conditions.) If the designated parking area is occupied, please park on the street.
  2. Please keep kayaks/ dinghies as far back from ramp as possible to avoid damage from vehicles backing down the ramp!
  3. Boats and/ or trailers may not be left overnight at the park.


  1. Outhaul placement must be approved by the Ramp Committee. Existing outhauls and dinghies must not block the ramp or the approach to the ramp at anytime.
  2. Outhauls must be to the north of the ramp (right side facing the water.) Please take care in placing your outhaul (once approved) so that dinghies do not drift over the launching area at any time.

All dinghies and kayaks must be removed from the Park from NOVEMBER 30th through APRIL 1st. Items left after November 30 will be removed from the Park and can be retrieved by contacting EBHVIA with payment of penalty fine.

There will be be no commercial use of the Park and its facilities unless approved by the EBHVIA.

For the purpose of clearly establishing residency in East Blue Hill Village, the village boundary is defined as "Friends Corner,” (intersection of the Wood Point Road, including Esther Wood’s house) east to the Surry line on Morgan Bay Road.


Annual fees for residents of East Blue Hill Village:

Approved Commercial use for fisherman & dinghy $50.00
Recreational User for EACH dinghy/kayak $15.00 per boat
Residents who use the ramp during season to access a moored boat $15.00
Outhaul fee (includes dinghy) $25.00

Annual fees for non-residents of East Blue Hill Village:

Approved Commercial Fisherman and dinghy $150.00
Recreational User for EACH dinghy/kayak $50.00 per boat
Non-residents who use ramp to access moored boat during season $50.00
Day Use $5.00
Outhaul fee (includes dinghy) $100.00

Thank you for your part in keeping the park as wonderful as it is!   (I.e., please do not litter or empty your ashtray at the park!)

Steps to apply for your ramp sticker and pay appropriate fees

 Step 1: Fill out this form to register for a boat sticker.

Name *
Phone number
Phone number
Summer Address
Summer Address
I agree to abide by the current ramp rules

Step 2: You will receive a notification email that your boat ramp use sticker application has been received and a “disclaimer of liability” form will be mailed to you to sign and return in the provided self-addressed stamped envelope.

Step 3: Once your signed form is received by the EBHVIA, you will receive an email notifying you that it is now time for you to pay the appropriate fee. Use the link below to pay your fees online.

 Step 4: Once the EBHVIA has received confirmation of your payment, you will receive your boat ramp use sticker(s) in the mail at the address provided when you registered for your sticker (in step one).

Thank you for your patience with this process. Unfortunately, we must have a signed hard copy of the “disclaimer of liability” form - and then notification of payment - in order to issue a sticker.